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Neil Pearson has been called the 'Housewife's Hottie', and when he was mentioned in one magazine a few years ago they added in brackets (Your Mum probably fancies him....)  However, statistical studies have shown that Neil's fans tend to be intelligent, well balanced ladies, very likely to have undertaken further education and to have happy and well balanced lives - so there you go, he is indeed 'The Thinking Woman's Pin-Up' so if you fancy him, be proud of yourself.

This page is a tribute to his work - the idea is that you will be able to click on any of the titles below and find out details of the production, along with photos and so on. 

If you have any information you would like to see included please do Email it to me and I will add it. I want to make this a useful resource for all of Neil's fans.

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Check back here for Neil news (when there is any....)

"I know nothing about my career!"  

Quote - Neil Pearson on "This Morning" 30th September 2004.  Well, Neil, read this website and hopefully it will jog a few memories!

Stuff that Neil has been in.....   

Television, Interviews, Films, Audio books, Theatre, Voice Overs, Radio Plays.

Click on any of the titles for more details.  Not all titles have links, yet, but they may have one day with a bit of luck!

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2011 April Midsomer Murders (Dark Secrets)  
2010 September The Pale Horse (Miss Marple) Info

On Expenses

BBC4  Info

2009 All The Small Things Info
2009 Apparitions Neil was in one episode Info
2008 (Sept) Total Cops Documentary about "Between the Lines" BBC4
2008 (24 Feb) Lewis (series 2, episode 1) Guest Star Role
2007 Clapham Junction Info
2007 (Nov) Frankenstein  
2007 (Jan) The State Within Info
2006 (Dec) The Hogfather Voice of "The Raven"
2006 (July) The Play's The Thing Himself
2006 (June) The Kindness of Strangers  
2006 Booze Cruise 3 Rob
2005 Booze Cruise 2 Rob


Total Cops

Det. Supt. Tony Clark


Booze Cruise



Trevor's World of Sport

Trevor Heslop

2001 Murder in Mind: Memories Stuart Wilshire


A Lump in My Throat

John Diamond



Kenneth Rintoul


Whistle-Blower, The

Dominic Tracey


Magician's House II, The

Jack Green


Dirty Work 

Leo Beckett


The Magician's House

Jack Green


The Mystery of Men


1999 Bostock's Cup Gerry Tudor
1998 Heaven on Earth Richard Bennett
1988 Rhodes  Dr Leander Starr Jameson
1997 See You Friday Greg
1996 Crossing the Floor Tom Peel


Latin for a Dark Room (Tartan Shorts)

William Archer

1992 Between the Lines Det. Supt. Tony Clark
1990 Drop the Dead Donkey Dave Charnley
1988 That's Love Gary Owen
1988 This is David Lander:Reduced to Tears Simon Forbes
1988 Chelmsford 123 Mungo
1988 Eskimos Do It (TV Play) Jack Binge
1988 Les Girls The Adman
1988 (2 Oct) The Bell Run Joe Glover
1987 Up Line Nik Targett
1987 Intimate Contact Morrie
1985 Drummonds Sykes
1984 Home Video John
1983 Submariners Cock Roach
1982 (11 May) Shades (Play for Tomorrow) Adam/Peter
1982 Oi For England Napper, a skinhead!
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2009 September Poker Tour Radio Interview Info
2009 (2 August) Magic Indulgence Special guest (Magic FM radio)
2009 Saturday Kitchen Special guest in one episode
2009 (July) BBC Radio Kent Interview Arcadia
2009 GMTV Interview All the Small Things promo
2007 (Spring) BBC Radio Hereford Interview Old Times
2007 (Spring) BBC Radio Gloucester Interview Old Times
2006 Comedy Connections BBC1 (Donkey related)
2005 (July 16) Loose Ends Radio 4 interview re Trevor / Cloaca
2004  Interview with Danny Baker BBC Radio
2004 Interview with Robert Elms BBC Radio
2004 This Morning Interview With cast of Cloaca
2003 The Kumars at No. 42  Series 4 Episode 1
2002 Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire   
2002 One in Four Benefit Need info on this!
2002 The Magic of Comedy Benefit Need info on this!
2001 A Tribute to Leonard Rossiter   
1990 Harry Enfield Played War Correspondent
1998 Clive James Delightful interview!
1998 Late Lunch   
1998 (5 Dec) GMTV Interview promoting blood donoring
1996 (14 Sept) Loose Ends Radio 4 interview promoting Rhodes
1996 (27 June) This Morning Richard and Judy! Interview
1996 (12 May) Michael Parkinson Saturday Morning Supplement Radio 2 interview promoting Mind Millie for Me
1995 (13 July) One Foot in the Past BBC2
1995 Children In Need   
1994 - 1995 Trick on Two
1994 (4 June) Loose Ends Radio Interview
1994 Labour Party Political Broadcast   
1993 (4 Jan) Pebble Mill also Jeff Rawle (Donkey)
1993 This Morning Interview promoting The Secret Rapture
1991 (28 Nov) Pebble Mill also cast of Donkey
1983  Who Dares Wins   
  Auntie's Bloomers Featured five out-takes from series two and three of Between the Lines
  The Travel Show One report from Chicago and one from the Lebanon!
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2008 Pictures (Short film) Matthew Info
2004 Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason Richard Finch
2001 Bridget Jones's Diary Richard Finch




1997 Fever Pitch Paul's Dad


Secret Rapture, The

Patrick Steadman

1988 Work Experience  
1982 Privates on Parade Pianist
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Speaking with the Angel Nick Hornby
A Long Way Down (Neil is Martin) Nick Hornby
A Piece of My Heart Peter Robinson
Strange Affair Peter Robinson
Gallows View Peter Robinson
A Dedicated Man Peter Robinson
A Necessary End Peter Robinson
The Hanging Valley Peter Robinson
Past Reason Hated Peter Robinson
Wednesday's Child Peter Robinson
Dry Bones That Dream Peter Robinson
Dead Right (Blood at the Root) Peter Robinson
In a Dry Season Peter Robinson
Cold is the Grave Peter Robinson
Aftermath Peter Robinson
The Summer That Never Was Peter Robinson
Innocent Graves Peter Robinson
Playing With Fire Peter Robinson
All The Colours of Darkness Peter Robinson
Friend of the Devil Peter Robinson
The Price of Love Peter Robinson
Bad Boy Peter Robinson
C-Because Cowards Get Cancer Too John Diamond
Snake Oil and Other Preoccupations John Diamond
Armadillo William Boyd
The Funniest Thing I Ever Heard BBC Children in Need
Looking Good Dead Peter James
Not Dead Enough Peter James
Dead Man's Footsteps Peter James
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (Unabridged, 8 CD audiobook) Paul Torday
Nocturnes, Five Stories of Music and Nightfall Kazuo Ishiguro
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Need info on this! Henry IV Part I Leicester
Need info on this! Woyjeck Edinburgh
Need info on this! Not Quite Jerusalem Liverpool
Need info on this! Trafford Tanzi Lyric Studio, Hammersmith
Need info on this! Spend Spend Spend Half Moon Theatre
Need info on this! Young Writers Festival Royal Court
1982 (14 Dec) Jack Shepherd's Back King's Head Theatre, Islington, London
1983 Birds of Passage Hampstead
1984 Loot Ambassadors and Lyric
1987 Summer and Smoke Haymarket Theatre
1989 The Doctor of Honour, Cheek by Jowl Donmar / Tour
1990 Therese Raquin Chichester
   Emily Needs Attention* Tour
1996 Mind Millie for Me* Haymarket
1998 Closer Lyric
2001 The Real Thing Tour
2002 Benefactors Alberry
2003 Taking Sides Tour
2004 Cloaca The Old Vic
2007 Old Times Tour
2008 (Jan to April) Uncle Vanya Tour
2009 Arcadia Duke of York's  Interview with Neil
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2010 Don't Judge My Family (short Labour party campaign video)  
2009 Joan Does Glamour ITV
2009 Conan Doyle for the Defence BBC
2008 Don't Knock Yourself Out (Documentary re "The Prisoner") Narrated by Neil
2006 (13 March) Horizon - Winning Gold in 2012
2006 (March - April) Don't Mess With Miss Beckles BBC2 Series
2005 Matt Monro BBC4 Biography
2005 July The World's Most Photographed BBC2 Series
2005 (May) X Rated - The History of British Censorship Channel 5 (2 parts)
2004 (4 March) Horizon: Diamond Labs
2004 (27 Feb) The Last Great American Documentary about Johnny Cash
2002 (26 Nov) Horizon: Homeopathy The Test
2002 Building the Impossible
2002 Fame, Fashion and Photography: The Real Blow Up Need info on this!
2000 (19 Nov) Jewel Wings BBC2
2000 Back to the Floor / Back to the Floor Again 14 narrated by Neil / 2 narrated by Neil
2001 Bigamy - Stories of Deception BBC 1
2001 (21 June) Eyes of the Detective; The murder of James Bulger BBC2
2001 (April) Nobody's Perfect: Some Like it Hot BBC2
2001 The Abba Story Click here to buy DVD
2000 Language Block 3 programmes
1999 (March) House Proud 3 programmes
1999 Traffic 2 programmes
1999 Living with The Enemy BBC2
1999 Jackson Pollock: Love and Death on Long Island BBC Documentary
1997 The Works - It Might Be Alright on the Night BBC2
1997 The Works - The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp BBC2
1997 The Works - Varian Fry, the Artists' Schindler BBC2
1997 The Works: A Death in Venice BBC2
1996 The Works - Anita Lasker, Playing To Survive BBC2
1996 The Works - The Lives of Berthold Lubetkin BBC2
1996 The Works - The Secrets of S-21 BBC2
1996 The Works - Unabomber, Killing for an Idea BBC2
1996 The Works - All Fall Down BBC2
1996 The Works: The Billion Dollar Hole BBC2
1996 (June) Playing Doctor BBC1
1996 (28 May) The Works: The Lives of Berthold Lubetkin BBC2
1995 The New Living Body: Bones and Joints Granada production for Channel Four
1995 Equinox Need info on this!
1989 Poddington Peas BBC
   Muscle Programme about Bouncers
   Trouble at the Top Neil narrated the one about Marks and Sparks!
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2011 (Spring) Gulliver's Travels Radio 4
2010 (May) Afternoon Play "So You Want To Disappear" Radio 4
2010 (March) The South Country Words and Music (Radio 3)
2009 (Dec 30) Afternoon Play "What Did I Say?" Radio 4  Info
2009 Book of the Week, Hackney That Rose Red Empire Radio 4
2008 To The Broad Shore The Radio Play's The Thing - Channel 4 Radio
2008 Chains of Desire Words and Music (Radio 3)
2007 (June) Bibliophile, at the Hay Festival Available for download from Hay Festival Website
2007 (Spring) Deia Radio play
2006 (July/Aug) - 2009 Vent  (Comedy series) - Three Series and one special Radio 4
2005 (July 16) Loose Ends
2004 to 2007 Trevor's World of Sport Series 2,3 and 4
2003 / 2002 The Frozen Water Trade  
2000 (Aug 3) Bucket and the Whited Sepulchre Radio 4
1998 (Aug 10 - 14) Roverandum Radio 4
1998 (Feb 21) The Bridge at Night Short Story / Late Story, Radio 4
1997 (June 14 - 15) Way Upstream BBC World Service
1995 (July 22) Stolen Kisses Radio 4
The Crackwalker Short Story / Radio 4

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I've been busy scanning my collection of Neil articles! Below are links to the individual pages.  They take a while to load as they have to be quite large files sizes so you can read them BUT I can assure you that some of the magazine articles have truly delicious Neil pics which are well worth the wait to download.  Let me know what you think!  If you have any other articles which I could add to this Website for the delight of other Neil fans please Email me.  Enjoy!

Cold Call, from The Times Magazine

How Neil Healed Rift With His Dad, from The Look   

Labour Pains 

Raising Ferry Hell 

The Invisible Man   

TV Quick Blue Shirt Poster  

A Shadow in Paradise   

Theatregoer article

Forty But Nice, from The TV Mag

Dark and Mysterious, from The TV Times

Sexy, Single and Available, from The TV Times

Will the Real Neil Stand Up, from The Sunday Mirror

The Thinking Woman's Pin-Up, from The Radio Times

TV Quick Poster

More articles and Interviews - Click on the links below

1.  How We Met - `Neil sort of knocked my socks off' - Stephen Tompkinson & Neil Pearson

2.  Neil's family affair

3.  Marie's nights with drop dead gorgeous Neil

4.  Interview: Frances Barber - Glad to be mad; Having It Off star Frances Barber comes clean about her past craziness in love and the new man in her life

5. Interview: Sport of Bother (re Trevor's World of Sport)

6. Soccer Comedy Should Score a Winner; article about Bostock's Cup   

7. Heavenly Role for Actor Neil; article about Heaven on Earth   

8. Brave Writer Who Puts Illness in it's Place; article about Lump in My Throat   

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You can always find great photos of Neil on the following websites - you need to search for 'Neil Pearson' - new photos are frequently added.

www.national pictures.

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For those of you who are familiar with Carole Goble's excellent Neil website you may be interested to know that you can now view the pages on THIS website.  Carole no longer has time to keep the pages updated so to preserve them she has kindly allowed me to include them here for the enjoyment of Neil's fans.  Many thanks to Carole for all the time and effort that went in to them.

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